How To Know If You Are Qualified For Services!!!

  • Arthritis
  • Back and neck pain
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Shoulder and arm pain
  • Hand and wrist pain
  • Leg, hip, knee, ankle and foot pain
  • Pre/Post-surgical rehabilitation
  • Stroke
  • Wound care
  • Our clinic can assist those patients who qualify in getting wheelchair accessories, braces for extremities, canes, walkers and much more!
  • These are a fraction of what we are able to service, please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Whirlpool Therapy

Here at Community Rehabilitation Services our motto is to help our patients reach their full physical ability.  We now offer whirlpool therapy and wound care in our new whitehall whirlpool. This unit provides coverage of the patient’s upper and lower extremities such as elbow, wrist, lower leg, knee, ankle, and foot areas.

  • Treatment for whirlpool and wound care is covered by all insurances.
  • ICD code 8798
  • Procedure code 97022

Whirlpool therapy is mostly identified with physical therapy wound care. Although it is used for this reason it can also benefit the patients that are diabetic for circulation and numbness, helps with vasodilatation, increased blood flow, and pain management.

Total care of a wound often goes beyond the actual closure of the affected area.  In many cases, physical therapy intervention can be valuable to the total rehabilitation care of this patient.  Soft tissue mobilization and transverse friction massage techniques are often preformed which can alleviate the abnormal scaring and maximize the return of elasticity.  Normal flexion/ extension movement of a joint (elbow and knee) will cause stretching and contraction of the surrounding tissue in question.  With time there is a likelihood of reopening of that area.  Simply because of the constant need of the tissue to move which has lost its normal elastic properties.  

In all cases, our therapists are trained in the education of patients on how to prevent abnormal or excessive pressure to affected areas, and can often advise patients on the proper padding, or cushioning, that may be available to assist in maintaining the skins integrity.

For the benefit of your patients we can start whirlpool treatment the same day that we receive the script. Fax script and patient demographics to 989-389-7335 and we will contact patient for an appointment.

We always welcome you to visit our clinic for a tour and to talk to our trained staff.   Feel free to call with any questions. 989-389-7333.



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